Dennis, William, Pottery Kiln and House Site

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The William Dennis pottery site was located by Hal Pugh in 1974. He researched and wrote an article entitled, “The Quaker Ceramic Tradition in the NC Piedmont: Documentation and Preliminary Survey of the Dennis Family Pottery” published in The Southern Friend: Journal of the Friends Historical Society in 1988. Since that time a number of dedicated professional archaeologists, students, and volunteers have devoted countless hours in study and ongoing excavations at the site. In November of 1997 Tom Hargrove of Archaeological Research Consultants,Inc was contacted by archaeologist Linda Carnes-McNaughton concerning the running of a fluxgate gradiometer (magnetometer) survey of the William Dennis Pottery Site. Mr. Hargrove donated his time to survey both the William Dennis pottery and house site. Collaborating with the Pughs, Dr. Carnes-McNaughton, and Tom Beaman a 20 meter square was layed off and surveyed with the magnetometer.The spectacular results of the 3200 magnetic readings can be seen above. The intense heat from the pottery kiln caused the surrounding soil and rock to become strongly magnetic. The magnetometer detected this anomaly against the normal background magnetic field, thus making the exact location of the kiln known prior to excavation. Posted to the NRHP 1-22-2014


Durham County, North Carolina (81)
House (27,030)
North Carolina (3,570)
Site (356)

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