Scotch Grove Historic District

Intersections of State Highway 38; 116th Avenue; and Co Road El7, Scotch Grove, Iowa


Scotch Grove Historic District

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The Scotch Grove Historic District is locally significant under Criterion A of the National Register of Historic Places for its history and development as an agriculture-related business center and rural crossroads community. Platted in 1872 by the Applegate brothers on whose land the new Davenport & St. Paul Railroad depot was built, Scotch Grove developed its specialized agriculture-related niche market during Iowa's golden age of agriculture (1890s to the early 1920s), an era of marked advances in farm mechanization, increased land and crop prices, and general rural prosperity. Scotch Grove supported not only a steady local trade in goods and services but also several dominant family-owned businesses specializing in agricultural-related products and services . These companies included: the Hoyt Bros. Nursery (later Scotch Grove Nursery, 1890s-present); Arend Balster Stores and Balster's Implement & Parts Company (1914-2009); and Farmers' Grain Company (later Farmer's Seed and Grain Co. and Naylor Seed Company, 1920-present). With the community's convenient railroad facilities, each of these three dominant companies found success catering to farmers near and far, each finding a ready supply of labor among their own families and the families of Scotch Grove and its surrounding farms. Each company survived the Great Depression, World War II, and the loss of Scotch Grove's railroad line and continued to thrive into the twenty-first century. Supporting this niche market in agriculture-related products was a small but steady local trade, which provided the goods and services that supported community cohesiveness and conveniently filled the everyday needs of the families who lived and worked there. The Scotch Grove Historic District reflects this unique commercial history from the late nineteenth century through 1963.

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19th Century (37,696)
Built 1872 (428)
Built during 1870s (5,003)
District (10,438)
Have Street View (44,633)
In operation (2,233)
Iowa (2,515)
Jones County, Iowa (32)

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Scotch Grove Historic District
Posted June 28, 2019, by Luke

The depot burned down after a lightning strike today: