Old Welboume Farm and Dulany Family Cemetery

21398 Willisville Road, Bluemont, Virginia


Old Welboume Farm and Dulany Family Cemetery


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Old Welboume, distinguished from its counterpart 'Welboume' (VDHR File No. 053-0120, listed on the state and National Register in 1972), is locally significant under Criterion A for Agriculture and Recreation/Entertainment due to its association with the establishment and continuity of rural Virginia traditions of agriculture and foxhunting. The tradition of farming was established in 1812, when John Peyton Dulany settled the property in what was then a remote and unpopulated area of the state making his living from personal banking and farming. Farming became more entrenched at Old Welboume, continued by generations ofDulanys who profited from the South's antebellum slavery-based agricultural economy. The farm has remained in continuous agricultural cultivation since 1812. The tradition of foxhunting in Virginia, originally established as a farmer's past time and evolving to a more formalized social event, has been continued at Old Welboume for over a century and a half. The Old Welboume front lawn has been and continues to be a hunt fixture for the Piedmont Fox Hounds, the oldest recognized pack in the United States, established by the Dulany family in 1840.

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19th Century (37,324)
Built 1812 (121)
Built during 1810s (1,398)
Cemetery (1,108)
Farm (1,874)
In operation (2,185)
Loudoun County, Virginia (84)
Virginia (3,565)

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