Port Royal School

Also known as: Port Royal Elementary School
1214 Paris Avenue, Port Royal, SC

Segregation-era School


Port Royal School

Photo taken by Michael Miller in November 2019



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The Port Royal School' s 1911 building is significant at the local level under Criterion C for its association with Wilson and Sompayrac, which was one of the most significant architectural firms operating in South Carolina at the time of the Port Royal School's construction and today widely considered to be architectural masters of the early twentieth century. In addition, both the 1911 and the 1954 buildings at the Port Royal School are significant at the local level under Criterion A for their direct association with Port Royal's uniquely complicated history of racial segregation in the years following the collapse of the Port Royal Experiment during the American Civil War. During the period from 1911 to 1954, the Port Royal School managed to reflect the period's conflicting approaches to school segregation and separate-but-equal funding of education in the state of South Carolina, including as a recipient of Federal Impact Aid construction funds in the early 1950s and as a fixture of white advantage even when Equalization funds were finally expended on behalf of Port Royal's black students in 1954. - National Register Database

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