Hudson Cotton Manufacturing Company

Also known as: Shuford Mills
447 Main Street, Hudson, NC


Hudson Cotton Manufacturing Company

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When the Hudson Cotton Manufacturing Company was established in 1904 in the village of Hudson, Caldwell County, North Carolina, there were few opportunities for local employment. The community had started around 1880 as a sawmill camp, but as the timber began to be cut over, employment opportunities lessened. The new cotton yarn-producing mill changed that and proceeded to have a lasting impact on the community. It not only stimulated the local economy by increasing the employment options for local residents, but it attracted others with specialized skills to the community to work at the mill. In response to this increased economic activity and the promise that an anchor such as a large textile mill brought, Hudson applied to the State of North Carolina for a charter to incorporate, which was granted on March 1, 1905. Mill superintendent Barney B. Hayes took part in the incorporation effort by writing the town charter and by serving on the first town commission. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places on 8/28/2013. - National Register Database

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