Park View Playground and Fieldhouse

693 Otis Place, NW, Washington DC


Park View Playground and Fieldhouse

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The Park View Playground qualifies for listing in the National Register under Criterion A because it is associated with historical periods, social movements, groups, institutions, or patterns of growth and change that contributed significantly to the heritage, culture or development of the District of Columbia . Namely, Park View Playground was associated with a local movement to end segregation at the city's public playgrounds. Community concern about the segregated nature of District of Columbia playgrounds, and especially the Park View Playground, initiated the public debate that ultimately ended segregation in all District playgrounds. The story of integration at Park View Playground, spanning five years, is unique. The continued struggle to free the playground from the biased and segregated practices of the District Recreation Board was followed both locally and nationally, thereby extending the conversation about race and segregation far beyond the Park View neighborhood.

Posted to the NRHP 2-24-2014

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