Hatch, Ruth and Robert Jr., House

309 Bound Brook Way, Wellfleet, Massachusetts


Ruth and Robert Jr. Hatch House


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The Ruth and Robert Hatch Jr. House (LCS No. 756030) is an informal, Modem style vacation residence designed by self-taught local architect/builder Jack Hall and erected by Jean Kaeselau in 1961 for accomplished New York editor, Robert Hatch. The house is located in a remote section of Wellfleet, Massachusetts, and is within the boundaries of the Cape Cod National Seashore. It has an innovative, modular building system designed with adjustable exterior walls that enable it to function as an open-air pavilion or close to provide shelter from the harsh Cape Cod environment. The house consists of three enclosed, flat-roofed rectangular living spaces inserted within a regular grid of structural posts and beams made from lightweight, 2-inch by 4-inch planks. The entire gridded system rests on an elevated rectangular deck comprised of wood slats supported by concrete piers, and appears to float above the landscape. Open, interstitial spaces within a structural grid frame scenic vistas of the natural environment. A casual, beachside, and impermanent aesthetic is reinforced through the use o f unpainted wood plank sheathing and screened fenestration in place o f glazing.

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