Weidlinger, Paul and Madeleine, House

54 Valley Road, Wellfleet, Massachusetts


Paul and Madeleine Weidlinger House


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The Paul and Madeleine Weidlinger House is eligible for individual listing in the National Register of Historic Places under Criteria A and C at the state level for its associations with the development of recreational residences, cultivation of a progressive social network, and the dissemination of Modem style architecture on Outer Cape Cod during the midtwentieth century. The building possesses significance under Criterion A in the areas of Recreation and Social History for its associations with the postwar community of intellectuals and designers that fostered the construction of single-family, Modem style vacation houses in the underdeveloped peripheries of the Outer Cape towns. The Weidlinger house demonstrates the productive interaction between leaders of Modernism that occurred on the Outer Cape, through internationally renowned structural engineer Paul Weidlinger' s affiliations with distinguished figures such as Marcel Breuer, Serge Chermayeff, Le Corbusier, and Eero Saarinen. The building possesses significance under Criterion C in the area of Architecture as the holistic design work of master structural engineer Paul Weidlinger that expresses progressive construction concepts merged with Bauhaus and Corbusian doctrine. W eidlinger operated his own prolific engineering practice from 1949 to his retirement in 1993, and collaborated with numerous influential architects to produce some of the country's most celebrated mid-twentieth-century Modem buildings. Weidlinger's Outer Cape vacation house is a rare example of his small-scale work and of a building solely designed by him.

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