Iron Nation's Gravesite

Messiah Cemetery, Iron Nation District, Lower Brule Sioux Reservation


Iron Nation's Gravesite

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Iron Nation's gravesite is significant under Criteria A and B. It is eligible under criterion A as the first known commemorative grave monument erected over a Lakota (Sioux) chief in South Dakota by a tribe. The Lower Brule dedicated the marker in 1934. The commemorative marker represents a significant comingling of traditions between Sioux and Judeo-Christian memorializations. The gravesite is also eligible under criterion B as the only remaining link to Solomon Iron Nation, an important Sioux chief of the Lower Brule, signer of many treaties, and significant person to South Dakota. (Note: the term Sioux is used to describe three related, but distinct, groups - the Lakota, Nakota, and Dakota. Of those, the Lakota (also called Teton) are divided into seven sub-bands including the Hunkpapa, Minneconjou, Blackfoot, Two Kettle, Sansarc, Brule, and Oglala. Iron Nation was a member of the Brule, or Kul Wicasa as they linguistically refer to themselves.)

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