Granville M. Bulen House and Farm Complex

10001 Bulen-Pierce Road, Lockbourne, Ohio


Granville M. Bulen House and Farm Complex

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The Bulen, Granville M. House and Farm Complex, located in a rapidly transitioning rural area just south of Columbus, is eligible for listing in the National Register of Historic Places under Criterion A through its association with central Ohio's agricultural development in the early twentieth century. The nominated property meets National Register of Historic Places eligibility under Criterion A by embodying Ohio's early 20th century farming. Agriculture has been a major industry and economic engine in Ohio since the early settlers moved north of the Ohio River Valley. According to the Ohio Guide compiled by the WP A, Ohio farmers were the -economic and political backbone ofrural Middle West- in the 1890s. 19 George Knepper, in Ohio and Its People, writes that -in 1900, some 52 percent of the population lived in rural areas. Agriculture was still Ohio's largest industry by a substantial margin, both in value of goods produced and the number of persons employed.-20 Major segments ofthe agriculture industry were livestock breeding and crop production, particularly corn. In the early to mid- 1930s, Ohio rated seventh among the states in the value of its crops. The Bulen Farm Complex is also eligible for listing under Criterion C as it physically represents successful farming, economic prosperity and agricultural practices before evolving technology transitioned labor away from draft animals and small tractors to larger more powerful agricultural equipment and the construction of large-scale specialized buildings to house them. The intact farm buildings on Bulen's farm are visual examples of structures designed for draft animals and smaller tractors and wagons. They remain unmodified for today's massive harvesters and combines.

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20th Century (29,077)
Built 1901 (676)
Built during 1900s (9,191)
Farm (1,867)
House (27,148)
In operation (2,059)
Ohio (5,106)
Pickaway County, Ohio (39)

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