Mr. and Mrs. Karl A. Stale House

6363 Lake Road West, Madison, Ohio


Mr. and Mrs. Karl A. Stale House

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The Mr. and Mrs. Karl A. Staley House is significant under Criterion C in the area of Architecture as an excellent representation of owner-built Usonian architecture designed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The period of significance is 1950-1955: beginning with construction of the Adirondack garden house in 1950; the execution of the Frank Lloyd Wright architectural drawings for the Mr. and Mrs. K. A. Staley House dated August 10, 1951 with construction of the house lasting from 1951 to 1954; and, culminating with completion of the Boat House and Bridge in 1955. The Mr. and Mrs. Karl A. Staley House is significant for its strict allegiance to the original Usonian architectural plans designed by Frank Lloyd Wright in 1951 at the height of the Usonian movement and for its construction by Mr. and Mrs. Staley of their own affordable and beautifully simple house using the indigenous and natural river stone approved as the primary material by Wright and collected from Mill Creek in Madison, Ohio. Construction of the house by the homeowners using organic indigenous river stone is the truest form of the intent of Usonian architecture and unique in comparison to the other Usonian buildings of Ohio, which were constructed of brick and concrete. The parallel placement of the Staley House along the lakefront is in harmony with the views of Lake Erie incorporating nature through the drama and beauty of Lake Erie bringing it into day to day life within the home. The overall effect of the house is the fullest expression of Usonian design and detail which has not lost its impact over time - its artistry, simplicity and interconnectedness with nature combine to live up to the Usonian ideals intended by Frank Lloyd Wright.

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Built 1950 (185)
Built during 1950s (909)
Frank Lloyd Wright (149)
House (27,641)
In operation (2,277)
Lake County, Ohio (86)
Madison, Ohio (34)
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