Brooks Family Farm

Also known as: Boring and Brooks Estate
584 Silver Shoals Road, Lula, GA


Brooks Family Farm

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The Brooks Family Farm is significant at the local level under National Register Criterion A in the area of agriculture because its main house, outbuildings, cultivated fields, and wood lots represent late 19th- and early 20th -century agricultural practices in northeast Georgia, as identified in the statewide agricultural context Tilling the Earth: Georgia's Historic Agricultural Heritage, A Context. The farm is significant at the local level under National Register Criterion C in architecture because the main house is an outstanding example of an 1-house. The 1-house was popular because its balanced, symmetrical fa9ade appealed to an increasing interest in classicism and because the 1-house came to be viewed by farmers as a symbol of economic attainment. Most 1-houses in Georgia were built between 1790 and 1850. The Brooks outbuildings are excellent examples of domestic and agricultural outbuildings that reflect the period of diversified farming from the late 19th -century to the 1930s. The period of significance begins in 1873, when the Brooks house was completed, and ends in 1963, the end of the historic period because the property continues serve as the Brooks family farm. - National Register Database


19th Century (37,062)
Banks County, Georgia (18)
Built 1873 (414)
Built during 1870s (4,920)
Farm (1,867)
Georgia (3,062)

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