Suwanee Historic District

Centered on Main St., Stonecypher Rd., Scales Rd., Russell St. , White St. , and the Norfolk and Southern railroad corridor, Suwanee, GA


Suwanee Historic District

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The Suwanee Historic District is significant at the local level under Criterion A in the areas of commerce and community planning and development. and under Criterion C in the area of architecture. Suwanee was founded with the arrival of the Atlanta and Richmond Air-Line Railway in 1871 and it prospered as the center of commerce for the surrounding agricultural-based economy in northwest Gwinnett County between the late 19th and mid-20th centuries. The district is significant in architecture for its small representative collection of commercial buildings commonly found in Georgia towns, but more importantly for its good examples of several residential types and styles popular between the 1870s and early 1960s. House types represented include the shotgun house, central hallway, New South cottage, gabled wing cottage, Queen Anne cottage, pyramid cottage, Georgian cottage, American Small House, ranch house, and 1-house, as defined in Georgia's Living Places: Historic Houses in Their Landscaped Settings. Stylistic influences include Queen Anne, Folk Victorian, and Colonial Revival. The district is also significant in commerce because its central business district was a primary location for the buying and selling of goods and services for the northwest portion of Gwinnett County. The district is significant in community planning and development because its plan is a good example of a railroad strip-type town, as defined in Georgia Community Development and Morphology of Community Types (Roth, 1989), a statewide context. The primary orientation of the town is toward the railroad, which influenced subsequent street patterns and business locations. - National Register Database


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