Menz Store

Also known as: F H Smith & Sammy Swansons Meat Market, Albert Hallers Market & Ice House, Wennlund Bros, A E Menz Grocery, Atlantic Yellowstone Pacific (Railroad) Cafe, Mame's Cafe, John Bruch Cycle Shop, Menz Food Shop (Stewart Menz), RB Manufacturing
522 W Main St, Kirkland, IL

Best known to recent generations as Menz Food Shop, Stu Menz propriter, 100 plus year old building demolished.


Menz Food Shop

The building had a long storied history in Kirkland Illinois history but most of those from recent generations, remember it best as the Menz Building, Menz Store or Menz Food Shop, owned and operated by Stu Menz. The building was demolished in Dec 2013. I took this photo around 2008.

Photo taken by Wayne DeMunn in 2008



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Situated in Kirklands main downtown business district on the western most edge of town on W Main St, it was well known to the most recent generations as the Menz Store or Menz Food Shop. Stewart Menz owned and operated a grocery store here from the 1950s - 70s but the building had a long storied history before that and a few businesses followed after Menz closed.

The two story part of the building was probably erected sometime in the latter 1800s as a Meat Market business with the single story addition on the east side added many years later (in the early 1960s) for John Bruchs Cycle Shop. Its thought that the original business was F H Smith & Sammy Swansons Meat Market. Later Albert Hallers Market & Ice House with various partners including John Heyward, Bob Maxwell and Frank Coonely. It also was Wennlund Bros, A E Menz Grocery, AYP- Atlantic Yellowstone Pacific Railroad Cafe run by Frank and Opal Lyons, Stuart Menz Grocery "Menz Food Shop" John Bruch Cycle Shop, and RB Manufacturing.

The upper floor was an apartment and over the years a number of locals rented and resided there and the upstairs was also said to have housed Kirklands telephone switchboard in the early 1900s. In recent years, the building fell into disrepair and rather than rehab it, the current owner opted to have it demolished which took place late Dec, 2013.

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