Sprucewold Lodge

Also known as: Sprucewold Colony
4-9 Nahanada Rd., Boothbay Harbor, Maine


Sprucewold Lodge, Boothbay Harbor, Maine

Photo taken by Brian Bartlett

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Sprucewold Lodge is a 30 room lodge with a dining hall and 3 cottages built in 1924 with hand hewed log construction, and located on 4 acres in Boothbay Harbor. The resort was built as an early back to nature movement that rebelled against the Victorian era. The simplicity of the log buildings made Sprucewold inherent to the Arts and Craft movement.

Boothbay Harbor, in Lincoln County, Maine is a community intimately connected with the water. After centuries of ship building and fishing the seaside town with numerous coves, bays, and islands was discovered by the “Rusticator” tourists who flocked to Maine in the late nineteenth century. Between the 1870s and the onset of the Great Depression, Boothbay Harbor and its neighboring towns experienced an explosion of growth due to seasonal visitors: hotels, cottages, cabins, and intentional “colonies” combining the three were built to accommodate the visitors on the edges of the town and along the forested and rocky shore. Sprucewold was a colony of cabins, hotel, dining hall, and recreational facilities located on the previously undeveloped Spruce Point on the west side of Linekin Bay. The original Lodge, built in 1926 burned just four years later but from that point forward the former Annex and a nearby cabin were transformed into a popular and lasting hostelry. Constructed in the Adirondack log cabin style, these two buildings and their associated service buildings have served both the summer colony and tourists from afar for 82 years, outliving many of its contemporary establishments. Sprucewold was listed in the National Register of Historic Places for its local significance in the area of entertainment and recreation as a rare, little altered example of a pre-Depression tourist hotel on the Maine coast. Architecturally, it is also a rare surviving example of a type of Adirondack-style log buildings that was popular for resort architecture in the 1920s in Maine.

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Rusticators in Sprucewold – Preserving the Legacy. Stories of a Log Cabin Colony in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Edited by Mary K. Otto, 2007.

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