The Cudahy and The Cudahy Tower

777 N. Prospect Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Beaux Arts Apartment House and Condos


Overview Looking West

The Cudahy is the white building to the left, The Cudahy Tower is to the right.

Photo taken by J.R. Manning in October 2014




The Cudahy was designed by Ferry & Clas for Patrick Cudahy, of meat packing fame, and it was built in 1908. For over 100 years, The Cudahy has been one of Milwaukee's prestige addresses, surviving wars, the Great Depression, urban renewal and a conversion to condos back in the 1980s. The eastern side of the building hosts the most expensive addresses as it overlooks Juneau Park and Lake Michigan. The building is close to downtown Milwaukee in fact, some consider this lower east side residence as downtown.

The Beaux Arts Apartment is striking with a fašade of glazed Terra Cotta and glazed brick, the structure is framed with steel and reinfoced concrete. Numerous grotesques look down upon the street from the bottoms of multi-story oriel windows. A line of grotesques, equally spaced, run the length of the cornices. A courtyard at the ornate main entrance is also closely watched by grotesques.

In 1929, the Cudahy Tower was added to the north face of The Cudahy. Designed by Holabird and Root of Chicago, the 16 floor building was the first high-rise residence in Milwaukee. The Cudahy Tower was built as an apartment and hotel, with such notable guests as Eleanor Roosevelt. A spire at the peak made the building even taller, but it was removed some years ago.

Although adjacent, The Cudahy and Cudahy Tower remain separate buildings, with different addresses, and appear to be under separate ownership.

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