Ottumwa Daily Courier Building

213 E. Second Street, Ottumwa, Iowa


Overview Looking North

Photo taken by J.R. Manning in May 2013



Street View 


"In 1900 the Ottumwa Daily Courier was purchased by A.W. Lee, becoming the first newspaper in what later became Lee Enterprises. The growth of the paper was so rapid that a new building was constructed at 117-119 E Second Street, next door to the Hotel Ottumwa, in 1903 (non-extant). By 1920 the paper had outgrown this building and a new one was built at 213 E Second (just two doors west of the YMCA). This modern 1921 newspaper plant was designed by the Davenport architectural firm of Clausen and Krause (who also designed the building for the Lee newspaper in Davenport, the Democrat) in a style rarely seen in Iowa, Egyptian Revival. The buff-colored brick of the fašade was trimmed with limestone and colorful terra cotta detailing on the papyrus capitals and cornice of egg and dart design centered with a winged globe. (Figure 48, page 57) Although the headquarters of the Lee papers was in Davenport, Ottumwaĺs building was unique. It retains a high degree of integrity."

Quoted from A Report on an Intensive Level Architectural & Historical Survey & Evaluation of the Central Business District in Ottumwa, Iowa prepared for Ottumwa Historic Preservation Commission by Molly Myers Naumann, June 2013. A link to the report is listed below.

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