Assabet Manufacturing Company Complex

Also known as: Clock Tower Place
Main Street, Maynard, Massachusetts


Assabet Mfg. Complex

Photo taken by Marc Belanger in May 2010



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Amory Maynard and William Knight established Assabet Mills in 1846. The factory was in operation a year later. In 1862 the Mills are reorganized as Assabet Manufacturing Company. During the Civil War production is switched from carpets to woolen cloth, blankets, and flannel. In 1899 the American Woolen Company purchases the complex for $400,000 for the production of woolen goods. By 1910 the complex had grown to include 25 buildings with over 420,000 square feet of floor space. The company closed in 1950.

In 1974, Digital Equipment Corporation purchases the entire Mill complex for $2.2 million. DEC operated in the complex until 1993. The complex has since been redeveloped as Clock Tower Place. It is home to a variety of businesses, including long time tenant (which left in 2014).

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