Westclox clock factory, La Salle, IL

Westclox (Western Clock Co.) factory


Postcard, postmarked 1943

Looking east/southeast, offices are in foreground, north of US Rt 6. Plant is south of US Rt 6

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Started 1885 as United Clock Company and went bankrupt almost immediately. In 1887 it was reorganized as the Western Clock Company but it went bankrupt. Reorganized by local industrialist F.W. Matthiessen as the Western Clock Manufacturing Company in 1888. In 1912 the name was shortened to Western Clock Company. The trademark "Westclox" which had appeared on their Big Ben alarm clocks as early as 1910 was officially registered in January 1916. In 1919 the company was incorporated as Western Clock Company, Ltd. In 1931 it merged with Seth Thomas Clock Co. and both became divisions of General Time Corp. In 1936 Westclox became known as the Westclox Divison of General Time Corp. During WW2 they produced fuses for military ordnance as well as compasses and aviation instrumentation and control components. In 1988 General Time was purchased by its management from Talley Industries but went bankrupt. The Westclox and Ingraham trademarks are now owned by NYL Holding, LLC. Wikipedia

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