Utica Hydraulic Cement Company, Utica, IL

In ruins
Also known as: Norton & Steele Cement Co. 1838-1842, James Clark & Son Cement Co. 1845-1883, Utica Hydraulic Cement Company & Operation 1889
Hydraulic cement manufacturing plant


Remains of kiln bldg, Utica Hydraulic Cement Co

East Lincoln Street, Utica, IL

GS 1-2012




Limestone was discovered in this area in 1837 during construction of the I & M Canal. When heated in kilns it decomposes to a natural cement called "hydraulic cement" that hardens underwater. Norton & Steele built their mill in 1838 to supply it to the canal project. James Clark purchased it in 1845 and turned it into a thriving business. About 1889 the mill was moved south to Washington St and continued in business until about 1947.

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