Norton's Corner School

Also known as: Willimantic Library
2373 Elliotsville Rd., Willimantic, Maine


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Date listed: 7/14/2015

Criterion A: Industry Criterion C: Architecture Local significance.

The Nortonís Corner School House has been part of the history of the town of Willimantic as one of the first public buildings in town. Built to serve School District #2, the Nortonís Corner School is one of only two extant one-room school houses in this remote Piscataquis County community of just over 150 people. Probably constructed circa 1882, this was most likely the second building to be erected as a school in the town, and it was used continually for that purpose until 1965. Eleven years after classes had been moved out of the building the Willimantic Civic association installed book shelves and began using the building as a library during the summer months. The Nortonís Corner School was listed in the National Register at the local level of significance for its association with patterns of rural schooling in nineteenth- and twentieth-century Maine, and as a good example of a type of educational facility that was once common throughout the state. The period of significance commences in c. 1882 and ends in 1965, when the last classes were held in the school.

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