Hodgkins, Ella R., Intermediate School

Also known as: Hodgkins School Apartments
17 Malta St., Augusta, Maine


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Date listed: 7/14/2015

Criterion A: Community Planning and Development Criterion C: Architecture Local Significance Listed 7/14/2015

The Ella R. Hodgkins Intermediate School was placed in the National Register of Historic Places at the local level for its association with educational planning and development in Augusta and for its architectural design. The Hodgkins School was the third school built as part of a decade long school building program that updated and consolidated Augusta’s schools to accommodate the post-World War II baby boom. The school is also significant architecturally as an intact example of a modern, mid-century school building following the most recent trends in design and construction. As the second intermediate school constructed in the city, the Hodgkins School represents the conclusion of the city’s effort to create modern graded school buildings. The school’s period of significance is 1958, representing the year the school was completed and put into service.


Built 1958 (60)
Built during 1950s (912)
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Kennebec County, Maine (154)
Maine (1,864)
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