Joffre-Gilbert House

309 S. O'Connor Road, Irving, Texas


Joffre-Gilbert House

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The Joffre-Gilbert House, built in 1919, is significant under Criterion C in the area of architecture as an important and singular local example of a Craftsman 'Airplane' Bungalow and was constructed by its first owner and local builder, Fred Joffre. The house is also significant under Criterion B in the area of health/medicine for its association with Dr. Franklin Monroe Gilbert. The Gilbert family is most notable for being local pioneers in the area of medicine. Dr. Daniel Webster Gilbert, Irving's first physician and pharmacist, conducted house calls on the house that would later become home to his son, Dr. Franklin Monroe Gilbert. Franklin Monroe Gilbert opened Irving's first clinic, a ground-breaking facility that provided comprehensive 24-hour care in the absence of an area hospital. He was a mayor of Irving (1932-1937) and president of the Irving State Bank and its later iterations for fifty-years, serving as president from 1938-1954. Together, Dr.'s D. W. and F. M. Gilbert provided leadership and compassionately-served the Irving area community for a century without interruption. This included provision of care to the poor with little or no compensation and to the African American community in a time of racial division and segregation.

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