Goodman Park / Strong Falls

N15201 Goodman Park Road, Athelstane, Wisconsin

Park built by the CCC around Strong Falls on the Peshitigo River


Historical Marker

This is located on the pathway to the picnic area, lodge and Strong Falls. The inscription reads:

The Dunbar C.C.C. built the large log shelter with a fireplace in both ends and the shelter house for small groups of people. The caretakers cabin, garage and workshop also were built. As well as fireplaces, the entire area was landscaped and other facilities required for the park area were constructed. The work was done in 1936, 37, 38.

Photo taken by J.R. Manning in July 2015




"In 1936, work was started by CCC Camp Dunbar on the development of Strong Falls on the Peshtigo River as a demonstration of the recreational use of county forest lands. This area was established by County Board Resolution #53 on September 23, 1936. On September 12, 1938, by Board Resolution #36, was named Goodman Park in honor of Robert B. Goodman of Marinette, prominent lumberman and conservationist, who had done so much for Marinette County in the early days of land-use and forestry studies. Goodman Park was dedicated with a suitable program on September 25, 1938. Over 500 people attended the dedication.

"Goodman Park is situated on one of the most beautiful spots of the Peshtigo River at Strong Falls. It was acquired by Marinette County on a land exchange with the Goodman Lumber Company.

"The Dunbar CCC boys built a large log shelter with a fireplace in both ends, and a shelter house for small groups of people. A caretakerís cabin, garage and workshop also were built. The entire area was landscaped, and other facilities required for a park area were constructed.

"Each year the park is visited by thousands of people, ranging from those who use the buildings to those fishing and hunting in the surrounding area to those who limit their activities to a simple picnic in the midst of beautiful scenery."

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