Stovall Mill Covered Bridge

Also known as: Chickamauga Bridge, Nacoochee Bridge and Sautee Bridge
GA-255 - 1 mi from GA-17, Sautee Nacoochee, Georgia


Photo taken by pam phillips in August 2015



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The Stovall Mill Covered Bridge is the smallest covered bridge in Georgia. Built in 1895, it is one-lane wide, 33 feet long, and made of wood. It spans Chickamauga Creek in White County and is located near State Route 255. The bridge is currently owned by the White County Historical Society. In the past, it served as a link on the Cleveland to Clayton road; but by 1959, the road was moved away from the bridge. The Stovall Mill Covered Bridge has a variety of other names including the Helen Bridge (for the town of Helen), Chickamauga Bridge, Nacoochee Bridge, and Sautee Bridge.

The Stovall Mill Covered Bridge was featured in the 1951 movie “I’d Climb The Highest Mountain,” starring Rory Calhoun, William Lundigan, and Susan Hayward. This historic covered bridge is said to be haunted. If you stand inside the bridge alone at night, you are supposed to hear the cries of unseen babies and the sounds of horse-drawn carriages. The bridge is a local landmark and open to the public.

Fred Dover constructed a bridge and nearby grist, saw and shingle mill complex here in the late 1800s. The original bridge washed away in the early 1890s and Will Pardue replaced it in 1895 with the present 38-foot structure. Dover sold the operation to Fred Stovall, Sr. in 1917. The mill and dam washed away in 1964. Constructed as a modification of the queen post truss design, the bridge’s trusses have two vertical posts (with iron rods) separated by a horizontal crosspiece.


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