Discovery of Gold Historic Marker

GA-75 & Dukes Creek, Cleveland, Georgia


Photo taken by pam phillips in September 2015



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DISCOVERY OF GOLD In 1828 gold was discovered here on Duke’s Creek, White County, by two people. John Witheroods of North Carolina found a 3-ounce nugget and a Negro servant of Major Frank Logan of Loudsville, Georgia, also discovered gold on the creek. Early discoveries came almost simultaneously as prospectors drifted into Northeast Georgia from the North Carolina diggings. One merchant in the Nacoochee Valley purchased and shipped 1 to 1.5 million dollars worth of gold in a thirty year period. The pits visible along the creek are evidence of recent hydraulic mining. 154-9 GEORGIA HISTORICAL COMMISSION 1962

Editor's Note: It has been reported a name on this plaque was misspelled. (See below.) The name "John Witherood" should read "John Withrow" (or Witherow).

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Discovery of Gold Historic Marker
Posted January 7, 2019, by Robin Withrow (rwmercer [at] yahoo [dot] com)

A name on this marker is misspelled. "John Witherood" should read "John Withrow" (or Witherow).