Will Henry Stevens Covered Bridge

Also known as: Bagley Covered Bridge of Warner, New Hampshire
323 Franklin Road, Highlands, North Carolina


Photo taken by pam phillips in September 2015




This bridge is the former Bagley Bridge of Warner, New Hampshire. After being purchased from the Town of Warner for $1.00 the bridge was dismantled, numbered, and stored in a shed at the shop of Arnold M. Graton. After 42 years, the bridge was restored to its original configuration in accordance with the Town Lattice design. The bridge was purchased for The Bascom, A Center For The Visual Arts. In April 2007 the original lattice members were taken out of storage, and in February 2008 the timbers were loaded on a tractor trailer headed for Highlands. The bridge was completed and on Memorial Day weekend 2008 the bridge was pulled across the creek with oxen and a capstan. The bridge rests on large rocks caped with poured concrete. The bridge is covered with natural diagonal planking on the sides and portals. The deck consists of longitudinal planking and a wood shingles covers the roof.

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