Barkers Mill

4365 Bettys Creek Rd., Rabun Gap, Georgia

The Mill is part of the Hambidge /Center but at a different location


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Located in the mountains of northeast Georgia, Barker's Creek Mill has been providing the local community with milling services since the mid 1800's. The current mill was built in 1944 at the site of an older mill that served the community since the first white settlers came into the area in the late 1820's. They produce whole wheat flour from hard winter wheat, buckwheat flour comes from Pennsylvania grown buckwheat, and corn for grits and meal is locally grown both hybrid yellow and a non-hybrid white corn that is a variety unchanged in the local valley since early settlers brought it in.

The mill is powered by a 12-foot overshot wheel set on babbet bearings. It was converted from a wooden spoked, steel rimed wheel to the current metal spokes in the 1960's. The mill has been renovated three times in its life, the most recent in the late 1980's. The mill itself is a vertical mill with two 16" flint/granite stones. It was built by the Meadow's Milling Company in North Wilkesboro, North Carolina. For the millers, milling is a past time and a passion. The mill operator is Woody Malot, Physics instructor in Rabun Gap. His family has been mill operators and builders since the 1750's.


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