Talking Rock Baptist Church

3914 Hwy 136 West, Talking Rock, Georgia


Photo taken by p phillips in September 2015



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According to Luke Tate's "History of Pickens County": "The first Baptist church and probably the first church of any denomination in what is now Pickens County was the one at Talking Rock. Land for this church was deeded by James Morrison soon after the Indians were removed in 1838...A log church house was built and the Baptists began to hold their services here in about 1839. The first records of the Talking Rock Baptist Church, which have recently come to light, give the names of some of the earliest members. On October 5, 1839, the following persons joined this church: Dicy [Leodocia Sandlin] James, Eddy Gibson, Jane Phillips, Jane Robertson, Hannah Blalock, Malinda Jones, and Milly Dickson. On October 31, 1839, the following were taken in: David R. Blalock, Isaac Mullinax, and Charles James, deacons; William Evans, Aaron Robertson, Jacob Gibson, Richard Howard, Grief Williams, John [Shelton] James and Moses James. The early records show that a number of negro slaves were members of this church along with their owners. The first pastor of the church at Talking Rick was Rev. Robert Jordan. Other early pastors were [Rev] Basil Harris, Jimmy West, B. M. Stephens, E[zekiel] Akins, Willis West, W. F. Fleming, Thad Pickett, J. R. Allen, William Cagle, Jim McHan, E. W. Allred, and a 'Rev. Mr.' Chastain."


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