Ebenezer Baptist Church

10352 Hwy 52 E, Ellijay, Georgia


Photo taken by pam phillips in September 2015



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EBENEZER BAPTIST CHURCH This church was established August 24, 1839 by 7 people (Samuel B. West, his wife, Nancy; Jacob Bearden, his wife, Winey; Wm. Kimzey, his wife Rebecca; John Pettit), while some Indians remined in this area. First officers were: Able Miles, pastor; J.D. Chastain, clerk; Robert Kincaid, treasurer; Samuel B. West, deacon. Attendance was stressed. At each service the clerk called the roll and any absence was checked carefully for cause. Among early pastors were Able Miles, Samuel B. West, William Kimzey, J.D. Chastain, James Adams, Jacob Cantrell, D. Blythe, and R. Jordan. 061-5 GEORGIA HISTORICAL COMMISSION 1957


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