Oakland Academy

Hwy 52 East, Ellijay, Georgia


Photo taken by pam phillips in September 2015



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OAKLAND ACADEMY The educational center for this ection for years, Oakland Academy was established in 1867, following the War Between the States, by Nathan T. Tabor and John E. Robeson, first teacher. Originally a private school, it was operated for many years as a church school by the ME Church (South). Students attended the academy from this and surrounding counties. In 1920, when the private school was discontinued, the property was deeded to Gilmer County for a county school. Early teachers included John B. Robeson, W.F. Cruselle, Mary Lewis, Rev. Walter Dillard, Emma Tabor, Harriet E. Tabor, Mary Kirby and John S. Hudson. 061-2 GEORGIA HISTORICAL COMMISSION 1957

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