Clarkesville Cemetary

Also known as: Old Clarkesville Cemetary
Morgan St., Clarkesville, GA


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Located on land donated by Colonel James Brannon in 1831, the old Methodist Church was built in the center of the present cemetery, and remained there until 1881. The cemetery contains the graves of historically interesting people, including Jarvis Van Buren and his wife, Eliza. Mr. Van Buren, cousin of President Martin Van Buren, relocated to Clarkesville from New York to take charge of the Iron Works. Some other prominent persons buried here are Mr. and Mrs. Ezkiel Fuller, whose son, Captain W.H. Fuller, drove the locomotive Texas in pursuit of the General, captured by Andrew's Raiders in the famous Civil War incident that became known as "The Great Locomotive Chase"; Erwin Griggs, a long-time clerk of the Superior Court of Habersham County; Mr. Andrew Gailey, a carpenter who made most of the coffins in which the citizens of Clarkesville were buried; Richard Habersham, a U.S. Congressman and nephew of Revoluntionary War hero Col. Joseph Habersham; Matthew Rhodes and Mr. R.D. McCroskey, both Revolutionary War soldiers; Judge Cicero H. Sutton, Habersham County's first ordinary

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