Split Rock on Illinois-Michigan Canal

Also known as: Camp Rock--before it the "water gap" was cut thru it for the canal, after that it has been known as Split Rock
approx 2 miles east of La Salle, IL

man-made water gap on Illinois-Michigan Canal west of Utica, IL


Split Rock, looking east--exact date unknown but has to be after 1851 because RR tunnel & track built between 1851 and 1853

Rawson, local photographer 1800's,



Water gap cut thru for channel of I&M Canal from 1838-1842. 1851-1853 Rock Island & La Salle RR Co. cut a tunnel thru north section for a track. 1881-1882 RR blasted part of rock away to install a second track then in 1952 RR removed more of rock. 1903 the interurban railway--Chicago, Ottawa & Peoria RR built two bridges--one across the Rock Island track on the north and another across the canal. The line then ran east along the south side of the canal from the south section of rock and on to Utica. During the 1890's until 1910 there was a dance pavilion and beer garden on the north half of the rock. The interurban maintained a shelter house for patrons in the area also

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