Little Mark Island Monument

Also known as: Little Mark Island Monument Light
Little Mark Island, Harpswell, Maine


1827 Little Mark Island Monument, in Casco Bay off Bailey Island, Harpswell, Maine

Photo taken by Brian Bartlett

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Date listed: 6/7/2016

Little Mark Island Monument, Harpswell, Cumberland, 1827-1966 Local significance

The Little Mark Island Monument was built in 1827 and retains substantial integrity. It is an early nineteenth century monumental tower daybeacon structure and lifesaving facility. This property is one of two such structures in Maine and is historically significant in Cumberland County on the local level. Its period of historical significance begins in 1827 when it was built and ends in 1966, fifty years before the present. The Little Mark Island Monument qualifies for inclusion in the National Register under Criteria A and C. It meets Criterion A in the areas of transportation and maritime history by exemplifying the long-term Federal government program to improve navigational safety in the United States through constructing and maintaining aids to navigation and lifesaving facilities. It also qualifies under Criterion C for being a well-preserved example of New England architectural methods used in building early nineteenth century Federal lighthouses and daybeacons. It exemplifies regional stone masonry construction dating to that time period. The Little Mark Island Monument possesses the historical qualities of location, design, setting, materials, workmanship, feeling, and association. It is widely recognized as a landmark of Casco Bay’s historic maritime landscape


19th Century (38,126)
Built 1827 (128)
Built during 1820s (1,836)
Cumberland County, Maine (295)
Maine (1,887)
Monument (579)

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