Ambassador Hotel

2308 W. Wisconsin Avenue, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Art Deco luxury hotel with Egyptian Revival styling details


Overview Looking Northwest

Photo taken by J.R. Manning in September 2016




The Ambassador Hotel is located on Milwaukee's west side, on the western edge of the Marquette University campus. Built as a luxury hotel just before the market crash, the hotel survived the depression, changes in the neighborhood (that weren't so nice) and ownership by people who put drop ceilings over beautiful plaster and crown moldings, carpeted the terrazo and marble floors and inexplicably painted over the art deco metalwork and fixtures.

Purchased by enthusiastic ownership in 1995, a 20 year restoration revealed wall inserts designed to hold cathedral radios, bronze elevator doors that pull open and brushed nickel sconces. The drop ceilings were ripped out to reveal art deco moldings and carpeting pulled up revealed the original floors.

Small rooms were combined to make large, comfortable rooms for modern travel requirements. All the luxuries of a modern hotel have been added.

The rooftop neon sign proclaims the location of the Ambassador Hotel. Terra Cotta decor on the cornice has been removed, restored, and returned. The grand dame of Milwaukee's west side has been returned to her glory of 1928.

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