Glendale Steps

At the end of Walnut Street to Glendale Avenue

Pedestrian stairway built by the depression era WPA



The stairway covers a 200 foot drop. What were once well maintained flower gardens are now overgrown.

Photo taken by J.R. Manning in August 2016




WPA project to allow easy access to a city park on Glendale Avenue by residents of the West Hill neighborhood. 242 steps of hand shaped sandstone were installed by masons as part of the Works Progress Administration. Although the stairway is showing its age and is in need of loving care, the fact that the stairway is still there and still in use stands in silent testimony to the quality of the work put in by WPA workers.


Built 1937 (572)
Built during 1930s (5,152)
Ohio (5,095)
Open to the public (2,592)
Stairway (4)
Summit County, Ohio (188)
WPA (12)

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