Olathe Cemetery

Also known as: Olathe Memorial Cemetery, Olathe City Cemetery
738 Chestnut St., Olathe, Kansas

First City Owned Burying Ground


Olathe Cemetery Entrance

Photo taken by iconions in May 2017



Street View 


From the National Register Application: http://www.kshs.org/resource/national_register/nominationsNRDB/JohnsonCounty_OlatheCemeteryNR.pdf

"The 26-acre Olathe Cemetery is roughly rectangular in plan. What began as a ten-acre burial ground in 1865 increased through three additions to gain its current form by ca. 1956. The size increases resulted in two distinct, historic design patterns seen today. The original (northern) portion of the cemetery follows a more streamlined appearance with burials grouped in blocks within sections. This original portion of the cemetery is laid out in four rectangular sections of varying sizes and topped with a practically semicircular section. The first addition, constructed in 1879, consists of four rectangular sections similar to the original cemetery. Both portions feature straight pedestrian pathways that border gravestones arranged north-south in blocks. The southern portion, or second addition, was designed with semi-circular patterns, thus stones in this section are arranged in curves around the half circles. Pathways in this section also are arranged in semi-circular patterns. Numerous plantings of trees and bushes characterize the cemetery grounds. Varieties include native maple and even more rare trees such as Chinese Fringe and Dawn Redwood."

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