South Kansas Avenue Commercial Historic District

between 6th and 10th S Kansas Avenue



"The South Kansas Avenue Commercial Historic District (District) encompasses the commercial core of downtown Topeka, Shawnee County, Kansas. The 49-acre District includes ten city blocks roughly bounded by 6th Avenue on the north, SW Jackson Street on the west, 10th Avenue on the south, and SE Quincy and SE Monroe streets on the west. The jog in the western boundary extends two blocks to the east of South Kansas Avenue to include the Topeka City Hall and Auditorium and the Topeka Savings Association. The eight blocks flanking South Kansas Avenue form the historic primary commercial thoroughfare in the central business district of Topeka. The Districtís 103 resources include seven buildings previously listed in the National Register, sixty-three contributing buildings, and thirty-three non-contributing buildings. Fifteen of the thirty-three non-contributing resources were constructed outside the period significance, while the remaining fourteen resources have lost integrity due to substantial alterations that compromise their ability to communicate their historic functions. Buildings within the South Kansas Avenue Commercial Historic District date from the late-nineteenth century through the present day. Located adjacent to large scale government and institutional buildings, South Kansas Avenue commercial buildings saw continuous usage over the decades. Consequently, resources along South Kansas Avenue represent the plethora of architectural styles popular during the course of Topekaís history. Buildings vary in scale from one to sixteen stories high and from a narrow city lot to an entire city block in width. For the most part, building frontages form continuous streetwalls." _________


District (10,503)
In operation (2,251)
Kansas (1,408)
Shawnee County, Kansas (76)

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