Vale, MO

Also known as: Valley of Vale
NW of South Lee Station, Mile 277.5 CRI&P Mo Division

Station and water stop on the CRI&P Mo Division


Train coming from Kansas City

Provided by a relative of a former local resident



Built near the Little Blue River ca 1902-3. There was a water tower, pump pit, sidings and station. Vale was roughly one half mile south (RR east) of the Vale Tunnel.

There were several nearby houses and cabins, a store, and a brickyard. There are still several light industrial operations along the track between Vale and the tunnel entrance.

The remains of the pump pit and water tower foundation are still present. The approximate location of the station can be seen in some flowers that still push out in the spring. A tile roofing company has dumped a lot of waste in the area, and a large water main was placed along the right of way, disrupting the area.

The brickyard later moved to a location on the other end of the tunnel where there was a siding just south of Brickyard road. This brickyard quit production by 1970 and the siding and the brickyard are gone.

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