East Brady First Presbyterian Church

Also known as: Newton Graham House
Kellys Way and 4th Street - East Brady

Historic church in East Brady near the Allegheny River


4th Street side

Photo taken by Brian Manville on September 12, 2017




This is the third building for the congregation. They began in the old Opera House on Broad Street in 1875. Six years later, the building burned, and the only thing rescued from the flames was the pulpit (which is still in use today.)

The congregation then raised a steepled clapboard church father down Broad Street. It was damaged by high winds in 1926 and deemed unfit for use.

At that time, Newton and Nora Graham were planning to leave town permanently for Detroit, and offered their Georgian-style mansion as a new home for the congregation. Mr Graham engaged the original architect, Henry Hornbostel, to draft the necessary changes to the building.

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