The Herbert

Also known as: The Herbert Grand Hotel
246 Main St., Kingfield, Maine


The Herbert Grand Hotel

Photo taken by Brian Bartlett in July 2016



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The Herbert, Kingfield, Franklin County, 1917-1968

Date listed: 3/26/2018

Criterion A: Entertainment/Recreation and Commerce Criterion B: Herbert S. Wing (1867 1956) Criterion C: Architecture Local Significance

The Herbert in Kingfield, Franklin County, Maine is a small-town hotel associated with tourism in the Maine woods. The Kingfield House hotel was purchased in 1917 by Herbert S. Wing, heavily remodeled and reopened as the Herbert. The hotel is significant under Criteria A for its association with Entertainment / Recreation centered around outdoor pursuits like hunting, fishing, hiking, and skiing. The building is also significant under Criteria C, Architecture for its Colonial Revival style design and typical early twentieth century hotel construction. The three-story building is typical of high-style hotels of the period in relatively remote small communities in the Maine woods. Such hotels provided a modern base from which out of state tourists could experience outdoor activities. The hotel is also significant under Criteria B for its association with local lawyer, businessman and politician Herbert S. Wing. Wing was involved in all aspects of town life with the Herbert as both his home and commercial property. The locally significant property retains all aspects of integrity. The period of significance extends from 1917 when an earlier hotel on the site was largely rebuilt and expanded to 1968 which represents fifty years past from the present.


Built 1918 (440)
Built during 1910s (8,608)
Franklin County, Maine (63)
Have Street View (43,494)
Hotel (2,537)
Maine (1,841)
Open to the public (2,801)

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