Tommy's Joynt

1101 Geary Boulevard, San Francisco, CA

Hofbrau style restaurant founded in 1947


Tommy's Joynt

Photo taken by Richard Doody in July 2010



Tommy's Joynt was founded in 1947 by Tommy Harris and Al Pollock. The Joynt is housed in the single remaining story of a building that was topped by two stories of Italianate apartments and a mansard roofed garret. The upper floors were removed after being damaged when flames spread from the fire that consumed the neighboring Second St. Mary's Cathedral on September 8, 1962.

The neon sign above the door at Geary & Van Ness Avenue is the original 1947 piece although it was painted bright red to match the rest of the building. The present exterior murals proclaiming this a "San Francisco Landmark" date to the 1960s.

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