Astoria City Hall (New)

Also known as: Astoria Savings Bank
1095 Duane Street, Astoria, OR

American Renaissance style bank building built in 1923


Astoria City Hall (New)

Photo taken by Richard Doody in January 2008



The architect for this bank and office building was John V. Bennes of Portland. Portland contractor John Hedstrom won the contract for the construction of this two story, 45' x 95' building on July 10, 1923.The building was completed in August, 1924, and the Astoria Savings Bank opened its doors on August llth. The building is three stories high, the lower and mezzanine floors were the bank's quarters, while the upper floor was divided into 14 offices. In June, 1929, the bank went into receivership and never recovered. Clatsop County acquired the deed in 1936 and in September of 1938, the city of Astoria petitioned the Public Works Administration, for funds to renovate the building for use as a city hall. This grant was approved in November, 1938, and the city moved its offices into the building on April 1, 1939. The building continues to function as Astoria's city hall.

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