O.W.R.&N. Company Railroad Depot

813 Columbia Street, Pomeroy, WA

Brick one story railroad depot built in 1911


O.W.R. & N. Company Railroad Depot

Photo taken by Richard Doody in August 2011



The one-story brick building has a hip roof covered with composition asphalt shingles, wide overhanging eaves, slightly recessed nine-over-one double-hung wood sash windows, a brick belt course under the windows and a concrete foundation. A wood freight door is intact on the south elevation.

The original depot was located about a mile east of the town center. Passengers debarked from the train and had to be transported by wagon a mile to downtown Pomeroy. In the early 1900s, town's people started petitioning the O.W.R.& N Co.(Union Pacific) for the construction of a new depot in downtown Pomeroy. In 1911, construction began on the new brick depot that was adjacent the track extending down the center of Columbia Street.

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