Blue Mountain Locomotive

755 Myra Road, Walla Walla, WA

Porter - Bell 0-6-0 narrow 3 foot gauge locomotive built in 1877


Blue Mountain Locomotive

Photo taken by Richard Doody in April 2018



The Blue Mountain locomotive was ordered from the Porter Bell Company of Pittsburgh, PA. on October 23, 1877 by the Walla Walla & Columbia River Railroad. It is the oldest existing locomotive used in Washington State.

The narrow gauge Walla Walla & Columbia River Railroad was built in 1875 to connect Walla Walla with the Northern Pacific Railroad at Wallula. The line was sold to the Oregon Steam Navigation Company in 1879 and convert to standard gauge beginning in 1881. The Blue Mountain was shipped to Stevenson, WA in 1893 and saw service on the Cascade Portage Railroad until 1904.It was sent to the gold fields of Nome, Alaska in 1906 to serve mining operations. The Nome gold rush was over and train service ended in 1910. The Blue Mountain was submerged in the Bering Sea as a part of the Nome sea wall sometime in the 1940s. It was retrieved by a Nome resident and acquired by the Washington State Railroad Historical Society in Pasco, WA, in 1992. It is currently on display at the Fort Walla Walla Museum.

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