Milwaukee Road E-70 Railroad Locomotive

Also known as: Little Joe or Stalin Engine
1110 Main Street, Deer Lodge, MT

General Electric Railroad Locomotive built in 1948


Milwaukee Road E-79 Locomotive

Photo taken by Richard Doody in July 2006



Milwaukee Road Locomotive E-70 is the last survivor of 20 such engines designed and built by General Electric at Erie, PA. They were order for the Russian railways in 1946 but by the time they were completed in 1948 the United States had embargoed deliveries to the Soviets in retaliation for the Berlin blockade. GE spent the next 2 years converting them from the Russian 5' gauge to standard 4' 81/2" gauge and rewiring the motors to run on the Milwaukee Road's 3000 volt DC system.

Engine E-70 made its final run on June 15, 1974 when line went bankrupt and ceased operations.

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