Port Everglades Tollway

Also known as: I-595 Express Toll
Tollway within a freeway in Fort Lauderdale, Florida


Port Everglades Tollway

Adjustable sign at the eastern end of the tollway showing the current toll rates

Photo taken by Brianna Tarness



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The Port Everglades Tollway, sometimes referred to as the Interstate 595 Expressway or the I-595 Express Lanes is a pair of Express Toll Lanes (ETL) located within the median of Interstate 595 in Fort Lauderdale.

The ETL opened in 2014 to relieve traffic on the frequently congested I-595, as the highway is the only direct route between Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport, and points west along Alligator Alley and the Everglades.

Like the ETL on I-95 in Miami, the Port Everglades Tollway charges an all-electronic toll with variable rates depending on traffic conditions on I-595 and on the tollway. However, unlike the I-95 ETL, high-occupancy vehicles and other exemptions are not exempt - only public transit and emergency vehicles may use the lanes free of charge.

Like the I-95 ETL, the Port Everglades Tollway is restricted to users with SunPass or a compatible equivalent, although making the electronic toll gantries compatible with “Pay-by-Plate” tolling is an active work in progress.

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