Wayside Memorial State Forest Picnic Area

2 miles south of Emporium along Route 120

Memorial to CCC workers who died


Photo taken by Brian Manville on June 16, 2018




"In memory of the men of CCC Camp S-132 who heroically sacrificed their lives in performance of their duty on Oct. 19, 1938 while quelling forest fires in the vicinity of Jerry Run and Lick Island.

May they rest in peace

Wilbert Mohney Howard F. May Basil Bogush Ross Hollobaugh Andrew Stephanic Stephen Jacofsky John F. Boring George W. Vogel

And in recognition of the fire fighting crews and ambulance crews from C.C.C. Camps S-132, S-86, S-87, S-76 and S-88 who promptly responded to the call to assist in fighting the fire and to render assistance to their injured comrades."

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