Jackie & Mack Robinson Memorial

100 Garfield Avenue, Pasadena, CA

Bronze sculptures completed in 1997


Jackie & Mack Robinson Memorial

Photo taken by Richard Doody in April 2012



The sculptures by Ralph Helmick, John Outterbridge, Stuart Schechter reflect the city of Pasadena's appreciation for the brothers contributions beyond the athletic sphere as role models for African Americans and others in their ability to overcome racial barriers and offer hope under the contemporary social climate. The brothers' accomplishments can be traced to their youth in Pasadena and beyond through Mack's competition in the 1936 Berlin Olympics and Jackie's years with the Brooklyn Dodgers. Following his athletic accomplishments, Mack made Pasadena his permanent home where he led the fight against street crime. After two years serving in the U.S. army, Jackie was honorably discharged from his service having refused to give in to racial discrimination within the service

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