Old Lexington Gardens

304 E Granite Street, Butte, MT

Gardens built around an 1867 ore stamping mill in 1999


Old Lexington Gardens

Photo taken by Richard Doody in 2006



The Old Lexington Gardens had a far more gritty feeling in 1867, when a five stamp mill, Butte's first, was erected on the site by Charles Hendrie. The machine crushed ore near the intersection of Arizona and Granite, and was sold and operated in other towns in the late 1890s. It was located in Pony, MT when it ceased production in 1955. It was brought back to Butte and erected in 1999 as part of a community garden started at the site a year earlier.

The garden has replicated the Butterfly floral display that once grew in Columbia Gardens. The Columbia Gardens was an amusement park built by W.A. Clark in 1899. Columbia Gardens featured botanical gardens, amusement rides, and a dance pavilion. In 1973 Columbia Gardens, like so much of Butte, was swallowed up in an expansion of the open pit mines.

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